What chiropractic means to me

As with many things in life, I’ve found that chiropractic is something that no-one seems to know about it until suddenly you’re in a world of pain and you just want someone- anyone- to be able to help you.Me

Now, some of you may know me, I’ve been working at Headingley Chiropractic Clinic for just under four years and though I’ve typed up and edited many; this is the first blog I’ve written for the clinic.  The first time I had ever even heard about chiropractic was when I was applying for this job and knew that a little research would likely help me out in the interview… But there was no way that Google was going to tell me what I now believe: chiropractic is magic.

Since I was about 13 years old, I’ve suffered from migraine.  I’d always had headaches that came and went, but after being put on a medication that didn’t agree with me; the migraines began.

Now, lots of people suffer with migraine in varying degrees of severity, but my migraine pattern goes a little like this: firstly, my vision goes ‘pixelated’ – that’s my warning sign.  Once that happens, I know that I have about half an hour before I will more often than not become physically ill.  Unless I find a dark place almost immediately, my vision will deteriorate further to the point where I only have a single focal point or ‘tunnel vision’.  After that, I get horrendous pain behind and above my eyes (I know, it’s weird that the pain doesn’t always come first), this pain makes my head feel heavy and that’s the first indicator that I don’t have long before I’m sick.  After this I need to go to a dark room and to sleep or I have no hope of seeing any of the rest of the day.

My worst period of migraine, in memory, was accompanied by an almost constant headache for about 7 months.  It just wouldn’t shift – to the point where I just got used to it – and then once, every week to seven days, the headache would morph into a migraine and it would render me totally useless. I could lose entire days and there didn’t seem to be anything I could do.

Once the migraine reached the point where it was that frequent, I was having to miss days at work or having to leave as soon as I felt one coming on so that I could still see enough to be safe to drive home.  It was then that I admitted how bad it had gotten  and Mark told me that chiropractic would likely be able to help.  Mark and Sarah treated me during the relief stage and the easing of the headache happened very early on in care.  The relief left me reeling, and honestly pretty devastated that I hadn’t done something sooner.

I learned through my sessions with them that a lot of my ongoing problem with headaches was to do with the fact that I carry my stress and tension in my neck and shoulders and the effect of this was leading to headaches and then, once the tension didn’t ease up; was resulting in my migraines. Learning this, and then having the affected joints and muscles released, was a new lease of life for me.

I was prescribed exercises and was given advice on my posture… Which of course they could monitor closely… And while I’m still working on some of the lifestyle tips, I know that they/chiropractic in general is there to bail me out when I fail and need the adjustment to get me on the straight and narrow once again.

I can honestly say that chiropractic has changed my life for the better.  I learn something new from the chiropractors at HCC every single day, and a lot of the information and tips I diligently prepare to be shared with you guys, I’m lucky to pick up without even realising…

Chiropractic is never a question in my life anymore, but I know – so often, and in so many different circumstances – that it is the answer.

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