Stop Exercising Now!

Are you keen to get exercising and building that core strength up?

Have you been doing planks and sit ups
as part of your routine?


 While it is great idea to build up the trunk muscles to have a sturdy back; there are some exercises that are better than others.  It is an established fact that doing front of body e.g. abdominal (stomach) exercises such as sit ups (or crunches) and planks can be detrimental to your back strength, if not balanced with back exercises.  An imbalance in abdominal (increased) and lower back (decreased) muscles is well known to lead to lower back pain.bird-dog

 If you are keen to start helping yourself with your back pain, or just want a bulletproof back, then it is better to start with exercises such as bird-dog, also known as superman and quadruped (see diagram to left) – however, these exercises not done properly can be problematic.

At any time, we offer you the opportunity to come in to the clinic for a free core strength and flexibility check where we can discuss designing an exercise programme that will be beneficial and help you reach your health goals.