Do pain & discomfort need to be part of your pregnancy?

Since the dawn of time pregnancy and musculoskeletal pain have gone hand in hand.  But what if I told you it is possible to decrease the level of discomfort and in some cases even prevent the majority of the pain that is associated with pregnancy.

Pregnancy creates a huge postural change.  Your centre of gravity shifts and with it – yes, you guessed it – your spine, as well as the muscles used to keep you balanced and upright.

Chiropractic is a natural way to obstetrical treatment.  It can help you to decrease the tension on your body, increase your mobility and improve your health.

To help you on your way I have included a few top tips and pieces of advice to help you with your everyday movements during pregnancy:

  • Symmetry is the buzzword that will be a recurring theme during these tips. Assume a good postural position whenever you sit down.  Try not to cross your legs and keep both feet flat on the floor.  That comfy side-lean you do on the sofa with your feet up and your arm propping up your neck and head in front of your favourite soap – yep, that’s forbidden!  This causes a plethora of postural and muscular imbalances.  Remember, symmetry!
  • Your pillow will be your best friend when trying to sleep comfortably. Place a small soft pillow between your knees in order to keep the correct symmetry in your spine.  You can buy specifically designed ones these days, but any ordinary pillow will do the trick.
  • Is your partner still letting you carry the shopping? First of all, have a word with them about that.  Secondly, if you do find yourself carrying shopping through town or to and from the car – think symmetry.  Use both of your arms.  The objective is to put the same amount of weight on both legs and through each side of your core.

Keep Moving!  But Move Well!

  • Being pregnant is not a prison sentence nor is it a disease. If you are not bedridden, 30 minutes of light aerobic exercise 1-4 times a week can be great for you.  A brisk walk, some swimming, low impact or aqua aerobics are all fantastic forms of exercise during your pregnancy.  Tired of the same old?  Why not try yoga, Pilates or Body Balance?
  • You know your body better than anyone else. Stay attuned to your body and adapt the sport or activity you are doing according to what your body is telling you.
  • Avoid leaning forward. You can’t see your knees anymore?  Don’t worry; I assure you they are still there.  Think of them when you need to pick something up from the floor or when you are putting on your shoes.  Bend at the knees and not the back or hip.  Lift with your legs not your back.

Crucial Advice for Your Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor is the kind of thing that you finally discover when you are pregnant and it seems to be the main concern of every woman so you are not alone.

Fear not, it might be annoying but it is so important.  If you don’t want to hear about it when you are older follow this tip; use it and engage it every time you need to change your position.  Engage your core by contracting your lower abdominals.  The sort of contraction you do when you need to go to the toilet but have to hold it in.

Do You Fancy Trying Chiropractic Treatment?

Do you want to be pain free?  Remain active and healthy?  More tips, advice and guidance?  As a chiropractor I specialise in pregnancy care.  I can help you to decrease your musculoskeletal pain and at the same time increase mobility with soft tissue work as well as gentle and specific chiropractic adjustment such as S.O.T (Sacro Occipital Technique).  I can also give you more tips and good, safe exercises.

So don’t wait until you are in pain, chiropractors are experts in the spine and can find the dysfunctions in your joints that can negatively impact on your nervous system and child.

 ~ Laetitia